Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Oof! Chinyi (nickname for Jing Yi:P) is forcing me to revive my blog! this is complete physical torture! my back is hurting so bad!!! ARGH! i think im a little too old to be using the com so much...
oh yeah, i forgot my password AGAIN.
but whatever, not like it makes a difference... :P
huh. not much to write. oh yeah there was PBL presentation 2day... i think my group was pretty okay. but sadly, all the work was done by MOI! i was really pissed off at them at 1st but then i guess i realised that being mad at them aint gonna change their lazybum attitude...
ahhh, i gotta go, my back is KILLING me!
go find something for it...
ARGH! Taj's stupid friend keeps calling!!! i hate that brat. she's so stuck up and stubborn... n worse is that she lives two storeys above us. D: ok now bye, i gtg avoid her calls. SOME ppl just DONT get the message...

7:57 PM

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ahh... i finally rmbed my password. And username. Ya ya, u ppl think im dumb for not rmbing my own username, let alone password, but those who know me well shld know that i have a very bad memory. n bad's an understatement to describe it...
So anyways, tis the season to be jolly falalalalalalalala... but jolly is not exactly how im feeling right now... not even CLOSE. I M SO BORED! n no, its not Christmas now (how an it be??? its only june...), its somthing better, AND worse. Its holiday time! Tadadadatadadada...TADTADTADTAAAAAD... ok i shall stop the weird music now... but yeah, holidays have drawbacks too... well, maybe not for those ppl who LOVE stoning at home, but im a JUMPY person! I cant stand sitting at home with nothing to do... im going mad! i bet i even memorised the number of dots on the wall from all that time i laid on my bed and stared at the stupid wall. (No offense wall, i still love u.)
n i've been so bored that im pathetic enough to try every single one of my usernames i can think of into the username bar for my blog just so i can find something to do...

yeah, i know many of u would say that just use the computer, but im not the type of person who can actually SIT in one place and stare at one screen... my back's starting to hurt already, and its been what? 1 hour?

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! guess what Tajrian (my youngest sister) just did?! she cut her own shirt so she can sew it! And she cut her doll's shirt too! and best of all is that she didnt even tie the knot in the correct place! Its so hilarious! HAHAHAHA! I CANT STOP LAUGHING! okay, i gotta go now, my tuition teacher's gonna be here soon.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Same with the title. It means BLEUGH! II, aka, BLEUGH! 2, but II sounds better.Roll
I'm still emo. And currently in shock.
My sis just cut her chin yesterday. It was so gruesome and scary. Normally, I get excited when I see blood *this was b4 I read twilight, so dont go there!* but this time I was WAY freaked out. My mum was crying and she was rushed to the hospital, not in an ambulance. A family friend of mom's went too, and I stayed at her house while everyone was at the hospital. I was unusually calm, considering the act that my sis had just gotten a bloody chin. At first I didn't believe that that had happened, and I thought everything is just the way it is. Then today in the train, it finally sank in. It's a really weird place to go into shock at... Rolling Eyes
Anyway, I was really upset. Walking Home Crying
K, thats all. Bb...

12:48 PM

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's been a long time...
Sorry about the title. I cudn't think of anything else. Bag Head
Anyways, I just got my results back for End Of Years...
I have to say,
I just got my results today cos I was absent for the past few years. I mean days. I feel emo.Pouty
I don't feel like pressing backspace so please excuse my mistakes. We had some guests over at our house who just left the day b4 yesterday...Thta, I mean that's alos, I mean also, why I am emo. K that's all. I recently stopped thinking after exams, so I don''t have anything else to say. Buhbye.

9:15 AM

Monday, September 29, 2008

I hate exams
I hate exams
I hate exams
I hate exams
Did I mention how much I hate exams???
I hate it.
Today is Science. Friday is History.
Ok, on the BRIGHT side,
WEDNESDAY IS HARI RAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love Hari Raya
I love Hari Raya
I love Hari Raya
I love Hari Raya
I love Hari Raya
It's just ironic, isn't it? That Hari Raya falls smack in the middle of exam time? It's just plain frustrating. At least it gives us a break from studying. It's like a flower blooming in a garbage bin. You know, I don't really mind studying, sometimes. But to study for exams just increases the stress, you know?
Alright, let's change the subject.
Mutualism b/w animals = both animals benefit
Commensalism b/w animals = one benefits while the other is unharmed and not benefitted
Parasitism b/w animals = one benefits while the other is harmed
Mixtures are in indefinite proportions. No heat or light given off when a mixture is made. Can be separated by physical means. Has properties of the substances that make it.
Impurities in a pure substance increases the boiling point and decreases the melting point. Wow, I didn't know that...
Ok, I won't bore you all anymore with my boring sciency stuff...

9:37 AM

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Math is hard...
Well, not really, but it's soooooo tedious! I just did an hour and a half of Math because we didnt have home ec and were supposed to revise (which SOME of us didnt do.. *ahem ahem* (well, ok, I was sleeping for an hour or so of home ec, but i wasnt the only one...)) and now we're supposed to do Math again..
That reminds me. I'll make a list of stuff I hate:
6)Did I mention MATH?!!
That's basically all, but I cant think of anything with math in my head.
At least I finished most of my math homework and remembered to post today.
That's an achievement. I think.
Ok, I better get studying. I M NOT DOING MATH!!!!

1:13 PM

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sorry abt that...
Sorry about that.
My friends are crazy, by the way.
Ok, where was I?
I know I haven't posted on my blog for like, ever, but I will try to start posting again.
I will try.
No guarantees...
Gaspard Ulliel is way hot!!!!
So's Harry Potter!!!!
But Gaspard's hotter!!!!
He so totally deserves to play the character of Edward Cullen in Twilight!!!!! Robert Pattinson isn't so bad, but Gaspard would be better.
He's a french actor, did I mention that? Way HOT!!!
Ok, sorry, getting bimbotic.
Anyway, I have finally found my poetic self ever since I came to Crescent, so here's a poem on friends:

A friend is one for life
A friend is one for all
A friend is always beside you
Even if you fall

A friend never leaves you
In your time of need
A friend will never forget you
She'll remember you indeed

A friend is like a gem
Sparkling all the way
Shining so very bright
Lighting up your day

A friend has a place in my heart
I hope in yours too
A friend can never be replaced
Without one you can never do

Friendship is a powerful thing
Not like boring chores
My friends are the best
What about yours?

Ok, I know it's pretty simple, but it's got a lot of meaning in it. Well, that's all for today. I'll TRY to write more tomorrow... TRY...

1:37 PM

Okay, ahem ahem, somebody's stalking me. BTW, what's written in the bracket is written by my stalker. Double brackets by me.OK I GOING FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's gone.
Okay... I'm back to the
she's back.
she's sitting herself practically on my lap.
NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont wanna sit on your lap la PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
then why did you?
Ok nvm.
Anyway, where was I?
Very funny Huf.
So lame...
I was refering to the whole.. weird talking...
Ok, I shall not have any conversations with huf anymore on my BLOG~!!!


i just love the way WENQI talks.
she's sooooo COOL!
like OMGG!

1:26 PM

Monday, March 12, 2007

Not much to say actually. Just that I am looking forward to this Thursday and Saturday. I have not even touched my homework yet. Well I better get doing it.

5:24 PM

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Oh no!
Holidays are almost over and I haven't even finished my homework yet. I am so scared. What if I can't finish it in time? I hate doing homework. It's sooooooooo boring. I think a lot of people think that too. Aren't we doing enough work at school? What's the point of doing homework anyway? I HATE HOMEWORK!!! A little homework is enough already but too much is too much! Anyway, yesterday, I spent my Christmas by playing a bit of police and thief with my parents. It was totally great. I don't think we ever did that before. Everyone was enjoying themselves. Then I went out to East Coast Park with Nabila Apu. I had a great time but I think it would have been better if my parents were there. Still, I think that was the best Christmas I ever had.

6:23 PM

Friday, December 22, 2006

Today, my youngest sister threw up and guess who had to clean it up? Me! Well, I am not exactly angry that my sister threw up but it was yucky. Anyway after that I called my mum and she told me to call her immediately if Tajrian threw up again. Well, I feel sorry for Tajrian. She was having a cold so she threw up. Poor Tajrian.

4:37 PM

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Aren't the babies in the pictures cute?The baby in the picture on the top is Royoni(my materal grandmother's brother's daughter).The picture below that is my dad's friend's daughter(the baby) Ajreen and me and my sisters.You might think that the names are weird but they are good names in Bangla.Today there was a blackout at my house at around 4 o' clock. Everything suddenly went off and I checked to see if the main switch had gone off but it hadn't and then I went outside and a neighbour shouted that it was a blackout and it would come back on soon.
Actually it was two hours before anything came back on. When my mum came home it was alright again. Well, I think that was the longest blackout that I had ever experienced.

10:41 PM

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holidays rock and that's why I don't want it to end. It's almost the end of the holidays and I am so freaked out about the PSLE. I know that it's like a year away but I can't help but worry. I still have some homework to do. Mrs Raymond gave us homework at the end of the school year! It's not fair! My sisters didn't get any homework at all. It's all because of the principal. She told all the teachers to give us homework. Jurong Primary School didn't give any homework at all last time. Well, I might as well enjoy while I can, and also prepare myself for the mock examination at the start of the new school year. And also hope that the holidays can last longer. And hope that the next November holidays come soon. And hope that I don't fail my PSLE. I am sooo doomed. I have to do so many things.

9:39 PM

Monday, December 18, 2006

Yesterday and the day before.
The day before yesterday, I went to a condo for a swim and it started raining while we were swimming so we had to get out of there. Dad said that when after lunch, if it stopped raining and Mum was back from work, we could change and go swimming again. So we did but after an hour or so it started raining again.It was fun though.And after that we went home but a while later we went out to another party. It wasn't too bad there either. Yesterday we went to the East Coast Park for a picnic. It rained a lot but it was nice. We went to the beach and took a lot of photos. After the picnic we went for a function where there were famous stars from Bangladesh and I got their autographs. The function was bad but not too bad. My Mum and Dad had to stand through the show(especially my Dad). I feel sorry for them because they have already done a lot for me and my sisters. Well that's all I guess.

4:53 PM

Friday, December 15, 2006

I helped my sister make 2 blogger accounts but she can't log in to any of them. I want to help her but without knowing what problem there is, I can't help her. I've got it! I am not saying anything. Well, last night, Nabila Apu came over for a sleepover and she's still here. I love it when she comes for a sleepover or when we go there for a sleepover. I can't wait!

4:26 PM

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Yay and Boo
At the end of the december holidays, for one week, I am going to have a sleepover at my house with a friend. That's the yay part. The boo part is that school's going to open again and all the stress is going to begin again. I am sooo scared about it. What if I fail my PSLE? It would be the greatest disaster ever if I fail. Who knows, I may have a mental block and might answer all the questions wrongly or not answer them at all. I feel so scared just thinking about it. If I fail my PSLE, I will not go to a good secondary school and I will not be able to handle the embarassment. Everyone(I mean my parents and all their friends) expects so much out of me. Well, I can just work really really hard and pray to get good results. And I can also wish for it to be over soon. Anyway,let me push the horrible thoughts out of my head and enjoy what is left of the holidays. And Nabila Apu, looking forward to the sleepover very very much. Talk to you on the phone!

10:54 AM

Thursday, December 07, 2006

I went for the best sleepover of my life on Sunday and came back on Tuesday night.I loved it sooooooooooo much!I want to sleepover again!!!Nabila Apu,if you are reading this, that sleepover was the greatest ever!!!Looking forward to our next sleepover very much!

4:14 PM

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hi. Second last day of school. I tried to give Mrs Raymond a present bu she didn't accept it. Can you believe it? I spent $1.50 of my savings on it and she turned it down. If she had just taken it, I would be way happier that my money didn't go to waste. Some people think they are being kind when they refuse it but actually it's better to take it than to let THEIR MONEY GO TO WASTE!!!!! I am soooo never buying a Concord teacher a present. In my former school, the teachers would just take the gift as I am sure that they don't want the money to be wasted! I just wish that I could get my $1.50 back.

7:56 PM

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Hate My Computer.
Today in the computer lab, my computer was not working again! Well, the computer was but the mouse was not. There is always something wrong with the darn computer. I can't believe that the holidays are so close. But my parents want me to go for bengali tuition during the holidays! I wonder if I tell them that our teacher said that we should play until we drop dead, they will beleive me. I WANT FREEDOM!!!!!!!! Not that I don't get any. I do, but sometimes I feel as if that's not enough. It was really nice of Gigi to lend me her computer.

8:12 AM

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Today,I went to "Erica's" blog.It was so funny!Was it you Shammah,or is it really Erica's blog?I can't believe she is that full of herself.Really!I don't think it is her.Is it?Anyway,I need Erica's email address because I want to send her that email.The one that shows how much I dislike Erica.Actually I hate Erica more than what I wrote but I could not think of any really bad words except for b**** which I don't like to use.The compo exam was okay but I think I could scrape through with a 25 or more or less.I missed out a part.I did question 3 which is about I lay in bed and could not sleep for hours.Suddenly, I got up.I missed out the Suddenly,I got up.I wrote that I could not sleep for hours and I recalled what had happened in the day.I wrote what I had done and then I went on to say that I had gone for a stroll in the park and heard a hiss and when I had gone to check,I saw that it was a snake which bit a woman and then the next day I saw in the newspaper that she had died.Fiona says I was long winded and I think she is right.Most of the compo was what I had done for the day.I wanted to write what had happened after I finished recalling but I decided to cut it short since there was barely any time.I just hope I can get a 25 or above.

3:33 PM

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

No title I can think of
Hi! Well,I don't really think I have anything new except that my "adorable" and "cute" sister did not let me have my afternoon nap.I still love her.And Shammah,I still love my younger sister too.

6:20 PM

Monday, September 25, 2006

Well,today was a boring,usual day.Today,during science when Mrs Chua was revising levers and inclined planes with us,I almost fell asleep!Not because the lesson was boring(well,maybe a little bit),but also because I could not get much of sleep at night.Oh and also because I stayed up until 1am doing my homework because I was too busy to finish it before.Well,I keep telling myself that I will finish all my homework on Friday,but I have soo much bangla homework and they are soo boring that I fall asleep when I start doing it and then I wake up very late at around 11 to 12 pm.And then I have bangla school on Saturday and when I get home at around 2 pm,I have to like wash my shoes and all and then at 7 my music teacher comes to teach me and after that there is usually a new movie on Disney Channel and I watch that and after that I play around and then have dinner and then go to sleep.Then the next day I have tuition at 9am and after that I play the whole day and at around 8pm my Arabic teacher comes and I learn that until 9pm and after playing around some more,I have dinner and try to go to sleep as early as I can but that is not realyy possible as I have last minute homework which I stay up late to do.Well,it's reeeaaaallly stressful,but I'm used to it.

6:03 PM

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sometimes people are nice but sometimes they are not.
Well today was a bit chaotic and I was almost scared to death too.But I am not telling what had happened all I can say is that Auntie forgave the so called "criminal".And also that people can forgive if they want to.I felt like crying when Auntie scolded my sister Tajrian.All I could think was that Uncle was not going to forgive Tajrian and I also wished that Granny was here(not my real Granny,my Auntie's(who is my mother's friend )mother)because only she could calm both Tajrian and her daughter down.Tajrian went to a room and cried there for a looooong time.Well she locked herself in the room for a long time.She fell asleep after crying too much.She is a kid after all.I miss both my real grannies and my almost real granny.I wish she was here with me now.

5:45 PM

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Somethingz just have to be told!!
AARRGGGHH!!!I have so much homework today!I was absent yesterday and now,I have twice as much homework as the rest of the class!!I had CME too,during mother tongue today.There is this new girl in the school and Ramya says that she is not nice.Her name is not going to be told.Ramya says that the new girl took her things and follows her everywhere.And once when I was saying bye to Fiona,the new girl(let's just name her TNG)was in front of Fiona and when I said bye to Fiona,TNG thought I was saying bye to her(TNG).Oh well!I feel sorry for her though.Well there is someone else that I hate.Ok there's more than 1.The people are Malcolm and ERICA!!!I HATE THEM BOTH SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are more people from the world that I hate too,but these people are from my school.Malcolm is a total bully and Erica is a total dufus,idiot,stupid,fat,whining,did I mention stupid,crazy and spoiled brat who thinks she is Miss Universe just by wearing bikinis at the pool and mini skirts probably with halter tops(which sooo will not look good on her<> )I had to sit beside her once because of my stupidity.Well Mrs Raymond let us choose where we want to sit and me and Tiffany made plans to sit together but there was no space in the first row and I can't have a clear view of the board from any other rows so I told Tiffany to sit beside Fiona and I would go sit beside Erica though I so didn't want to.Since we were in rows of two,I was almost beside Tiffany except for a small gap.Well can't continue the story today.Gotta go get my youngest sister from school!!Cattcha later!!!

3:21 PM

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